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– A spot you can enjoy authentic pizzas –

I went to “Dottorino” in Yuigahama.

This is the spot you can walk from Enoden Enoshima Station for three minutes.
There is a big stove and you can see how to make pizzas inside the shop.
You can also enjoy the cozy weather outside.

I had Margherita and a cup of ice coffee this time.
The big pizza which was made by the stove was good and the cheese was melty and hot.
It is very happy to have Focaccia while we are waiting.

You should visit the place when coming to Yuigahama.


A hidden pizza restaurant in resident area of the place around Yuigahama.
You can enjoy authentic Italian pizza which was made by stove.


・Name: Dottorino
・Address: 3-5-4 Yuigahama,Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0014 Japan
・Opening hours:10:00~18:00(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), 10:00~20:00(Friday, Saturaday, Sunday/ Sunday