A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.2


「 A Single Man’s Dish vol.2 」

Tomato stew with chicken thigh,
eggplant and red paprika

This is one of my favorite tomato dish menus.
Stew tomato sauce, and put ingredients which are already fried in pan. On top of that,
stew it until it starts to thicken for a rich taste.

Keema curry topped with egg

I had pre-packaged Eeuropean curry sold by curry rice shop in Kamakura, Sangosho.
That taste was fantastic and authentic. Very diffucult to believe the it is pre-packaged.

Tofu rice cake and baked banana toast

I had tofu rice cake that my friend brought me the other day and a cup of coffee.
I felt a slight of soy beans flavor which was gentle and enjoyed sticky texture of rice cake.
In addition to that, the combination of tofu rice cake and coffee.

I also had some slices of banana toasts with hot milk.
This is the menu I’ve wanted to try cooking at home since the taste of baked banana toast which is sold by some restaurant the other day.
You can expand a range of menus deppending on some variations such as using some chocolate


・Tomato stew with chicken thigh, eggplant and red paprika
・Keema curry topped with egg
・Tofu rice cake
・baked banana toast