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Shima Cafe Enomaru


Shimacafe Enomaru
– A renovated Japanese style house-

I went to “Shimacafe Enomaru” in Enoshima.
The place, a renovated Japanese style house, is so silent and fashionable that I was about to forget I was in Enoshima.

I had a roasted green tea pudding and a cup of ice tea this time.
It is worthy that you visit this place although you have to walk up the road a little.

You should visit there when coming to Enoshima.

Shop Information

The renovated Japanese style house, which has modern interior,
offer various kinds of menus such as whitebait bowl and tuna avocado bowl at noon.
They also offer banana cake and parfait.


・Name:Shimacafe Enoshima
・Address:2-3-37 Enoshima, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 251-0036 Japan
・Opening hours: 11:00~Sunset/ Sunday