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Beatiful hydrangeas in Hasedara

I went to “Hasedera” which is a little far from Hase Station.

Hasedera is now popuar and known as Flower Temple in this season, May.
It was beuatiful because the season is best for hydrangeas.
You should visit there when you come to Hase Station.

Information -Hasedera-

Hasedera is famous for a holy place of Goddess of Mercy Faith in ancient time.
The place is surronded with various kinds of flowers around the year and known as “Flower Temple”.


・Address:3-11-2 Hase, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0016 Japan
・Opening hours:March-September 8:00~17:00 / October-February 8:00~16:30
・Access:Bus from Kamakura Station