A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

Enoshima walk


Walking in rainy season in Enoshima.

Hydrangeas which bloom in rainy season.

It was still cloudy,but it has just stopped raining.
So, I took a walk from home to Enoshima.

If I use a Gondora to arrive at the top, it is time-saving.
But, I had a plenty of time, so I took a walk.

There are some shrines in Enoshima.
This place has a pond and some turtles live in this place for ages.

I could see the turtles which appear in the pond and often sunbathe luckily.
It is very cute that they are in the same line.

After I climbed to the top, I could see a panoramic view of Enoshima sea.
There are some old buldings which look like a part of island, and it is so exciting.

In this rainy season, it is famous for hydrangeas.
If I climb to the top, I can see not only the view of Enoshima area,
but also hydrangeas which bloom in various ways.
They are beuatiful. I saw that scenery for a long time.

I spent a day in Enoshima this time, but there are a number of secret spots and foods.
I would like to find it more and more.