A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.16


「A Single Man’s Dish vol.16」

Hamburger steak and pasta with rich demi-glace sauce

I wanted to have both pasta and hamburger steak, so I made demi-glace sauce.
I made some extra number of the hambuger steak to freeze.

Pasta with cod roe sauce

I heated and mixed cod roe, butter, soy sauce, garlic and milk in pan until they will thicken.
The pasta is ready.
This is a simple and tasty menu.

Bacon egg toast and soba with eggplant and pork

I had some slices of bacon egg toast for breakfast this day.
I put a slice of butter only to make it simple.

I was not very hungry this day.
I prepared a dipping soup of pork and eggplant for dipping noodles.


・Hamburger steak and pasta with rich demi-glace sauce
・Pasta with cod roe sauce
・Bacon egg toast
・Soba with egglant and pork