A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.13


「A Single Man’s Dish vol.13」

Rich tomato-based pasta

I had it with the topping of some basils I raised.
It was so good.

Japanese style rolled omelette with beef stew

I tried to make it one more time because I couldn’t make it well.
I roasted cheese a little by burner

Peperoncino with zucchini and bacon,
garlic tomato risotto

I made peperoncino because I had some zucchinies. The taste was good because the oil went well with the zucchinies which were sliced.

To make garlic tomato risotto, I made sauce by canned tomatoes and mix it with garlic buttered rice.
I wanted to finish cooking early.


・Rich tomato-based pasta
・Japanese style rolled omelette with beef stew
・Peperoncino with zucchini and bacon
・Garlic tomato risotto