A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.12


「A Single Man’s Dish vol.12」

Creamy well-stewed beef stew.

stew the demi sauce for two hours since the morning.
It makes meat softer and makes the sauce richer.

Tomato-based keema curry.

Stew minced meat and onions which are mixed with tomatoes and curry poweder.
I could finish up making simple keema curry.
Sourness of tomatoes are the good element.

French toast and cold tomato somen noodles.

I wanted to make a cup of coffee this evening, so I made it and in addtion,
made some slices of french toast with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
it looks there are two main dishes.

To make tomato somen noodles, put somen noodles in tomato-based soup which is chilled.
This is the simple menu you probably want to eat in this season because it is easy to make and eat.


・Creamy well-stewed beef stew.
・Tomato-based keema curry.
・French toast
・Tomato somen noodles.