A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.10


「A Single Man’s Dish vol.10」

Tomato-based sauce pasta with butter

Stew tomato-based sauce while putting several spoons of sugar.
I put a slight of butter to make the sauce richer.

Bacon egg toast

I had bacon and sunny-side egg for breakfast.
It goes well with ice coffee.

Japanese-style fluffy rolled omelette and cream stew

I like that the omelette is fluffy and Croissant goes well with it.
When you are lack of chiken, you can use sausage in stew.
You can enjoy thet taste which is differernt from usual.


・Tomato-based sauce pasta with butter
・Bacon egg toast
・Japanese-style fluffy rolled omelette and cream stew
・Cream stew