A Single Boy’s Life living in Shonan Kamakura.

A Single Man’s Dish vol.6


「A Single Man’s Dish vol.6」

Carbonara with eggplant and bacon.

It is difficult to consume egglants, so they are in vegetable stock for a long time.
In that case, you should use egglants.

Walnut toast with arugula

Put cheese on the walnut toast and bake it.
I had it with arugula and cherries.

Egg sandwitch, macaroni with tomato-based sauce and
Gateau chocolat by MAISON CACAO

I woke up early than usual this morning, I made egg sandwitches to treat myself.
The shape of macaroni is Mickey Mouse-shaped. My friend brought it for me.
The Cateau chocolat by MAISON CACAO is warmed in microwave and placed with cherries.


・Carbonara with eggplant and bacon
・Walnut toast with arugula
・Egg sandwitch
・Macaroni with tomato-based sauce
・Gateau chocolat by MAISON CACAO